mardi 19 août 2014

Paidverts new invest


Hi guys, today I want to introduce you new investing plan called
Admin is part of a team that has a two-year project with great success , paying today.
Not HYIP or MLM and is known cheap PPC sites. This is Traffic Exchange, mixed with PPC, an incredible opportunity to win.
Get paid ads to be view up to 18 hours after you have activated your account.
Activation is done by watching the ad activation , you will see the first page of the site.
The site is unique graphics, script and marketing plan.
Offers two ways of winning :
- By purchasing traffic or watching commercials.
A traffic package costs only $ 1 and includes 50 visits your site
100 views a 125×125 banner and a 728×90 25 views bner .
Each package expires $ 1.55
- Through the upgrade from 5 cents of which get recycled many ads to watch.
Works with Egopay, PM, STP, WU, Bank Wire, Paypal.
For Paypal u have 11$ limit per week.
The site can be used as exchanger , that you can withdraw in various
processors no matter where you invest.
1. Register here
Make sure u write real date of birth because when u try to withdraw some money u need to write same date that u write when u register!!!
When u already register u need to watch activation ad, go to Members Home Page and will see where is.
Now u need to watch 5 free ads, this mean u no get money but u will get 100BAP points for every ads, and your account will be active 7 days more for every ad.
Go to Members Home Page and click here:

U need to do this step 5 times every day to keep account active and to get more points, more point that u have more ads u will recive!
2. More and fast money u need to invest 1.05$
For what is this money?
U will buy ads for 1$ from here:

U will recive :
50 user visits for 30 seconds each, after copying 3 lines of text about your offering.
Plus 25x top of page 728*90 banner impressions & 100x 125*125 banner and 3100 BAP points
Other 0.05$ will buy Upgrade to can revice more ads:
Go to My Account and scrool down to end of pafe and will see where is Upgrade.
Now u done this, then visit site couple of times every day to watch ads and get money.
Every time when u have 1$ will buy ads to can get more BAP points and will recive high paying ads this is IMPORTANT, MORE BAP POINT=HIGH VALUE ADS
3. If u dont have 1.05$ to buy ads and upg. u need to watch 5 free ads every day and watch paid ads to collect that money. When u have the money buy 1$ ads becouse for upgrade u need to have 2500BAP point.
Register from our refferal because if not you will be registered under owner of this investment plan. For registering from our reflink we offer help.